"My gun is a brush."
Ned Martin
Ned Martin is an American Artist.
His oil paintings are of the new
genre: Abstract Photorealism.
"Wayward" 32 x 48" Oil on Aluminum with Gold Leaf
"Unity" Oil on Aluminum 48" x 70"
"Miranda Fractals" Oil on Aluminum 48" x 60" "Patience of Nature" Oil on Aluminum 32' x 35"

For the past two decades, Ned Martin has become known for his Photorealism paintings. Then in 2013, personal tragedy caused him to stop painting for several months. When he returned to the easel, Martin embraced Abstract painting as an expression of emotional healing. Now, he presents his newly developed style “abstract photorealism” where he combines Abstract and Realism on the same canvas. 

Ned Martin's technique is said to be comparable to Richard Estes, Gustav Klimt, Otto Duecker, or even Will Cotton – and embarks on a new path, similar to Gerhard Richter. as Martin’s early paintings were based on photography and then transitioned to Abstract works inspired by raw personal emotions.  In Miranda Fractals, Martin has bridged his hyperrealism with the abstract, to create abstract-photorealism.  Though it can be reminiscent of Chuck Close (and his use of the ben-day dots), Martin paints “fractal” in the abstract parts, but only “realism” in the figurative part, continuing the dichotomy that has existed in his works all along.

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